Online Purchase

Raseedy app gives you the opportunity to make payments and purchases online without a credit or debit card. Use the virtual card number (VCN) with Raseedy app and make all your online payments securely and easily.

Sevice Cost : 10 EGP per card

How to purchase online?

1: Open Raseedy app
and enter your pin code

2: Select “Online Purchase”

3: Press “Generate Card”
to create a new VCN card

4: Type in the amount
you want to use online

5: Drag the arrow to the
right to proceed

6: Enter your pin code
one more time to confirm

7: A confirmation message will appear,
close it and the card number will appear

8: To view the full card information
press the new card number

Download Raseedy App & shop online safely and easily without a credit card

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