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Raseedy is an app that allows you to replace your cash payments with a smart electronic cashless solution. Our target is to provide the market with practical and integrated payment services that aptly replace cash usage and grant our customers the opportunity of enjoying the experience of electronic payment services at very competitive prices without the obligation of having to open a bank account or issue a credit/debit card. Our user-friendly interface helps you make your payments with ease. Save your time, effort and money by using Raseedy app. Whether you are an individual or a business, you will find convenient and affordable solutions with Raseedy app that fit your needs and cater to your personal and professional objectives. With a first of its kind digital support customer care center, we offer support to our clients through Whatsapp, Facebook messenger along with our call center.

Bill Payment and Recharge

  • With Raseedy you can now pay your mobile, internet,
    electricity, gas bills and donations with only one
    push of a button anywhere you are.

    Download the app and enter the relevant data to pay
    all your utility bills. You can also use the app to top up
    your credit balance for all mobile networks with ease.

Money Transfer

  • Transfer money to anyone with a mobile wallet, anywhere inside Egypt, at anytime.

    Using only your phone number and Raseedy, money transfer has never been easier!

Raseedy Code

  • Raseedy app will allow you to have a full cashless and cardless shopping experience securely.

    Scan the merchant’s code on your mobile with Raseedy app and pay with your mobile wallet with simple few steps.

Installment Collection

  • Pay your Tasaheel loan installments, your insurance installments, or your product installments from Mashroey with Raseedy.

    Don’t waste your time, effort or money commuting and waiting in line to pay your installments, with Raseedy app you can pay your installments with speed, ease and security.

Online Purchase

  • Raseedy app gives you the opportunity to make payments and purchases online without a credit or debit card.

    Use the virtual card number with Raseedy app and make all your online payments securely and easily.

Cash In/Out

  • You can deposit and withdraw money to your Raseedy wallet using several methods:

    - Tasaheel and Mashroey branches

    - ِAman Network

    - Subscribed banks ATMs:
    National Bank of Egypt, Misr Bank,CIB, Banque du Caire, Alex Bank, The United Bank & Bank Audi