Installment Collection

Pay your Tasaheel loan installments, your insurance installments, or your product installments from Mashroey with Raseedy. Don’t waste your time, effort or money commuting and waiting in line to pay your installments, with Raseedy app you can pay your installments with speed, ease and security.

Sevice Cost : Check payment tiers below

How to pay installments?

1: Open Raseedy app and
enter your pin code

2: Select “Installment

3: Then choose your cash
collection entity

4: Enter your ID number then
press inquire

5: Your due amount
will appear

6: Press pay then drag the arrow
right to proceed with the transfer

7: Enter your pin code one
more time to confirm

Payment tiers

Payment TiersFromToService Cost
First Tier0 L.E500 L.E5 L.E
Second Tier501 L.E1000 L.E10 L.E
Third Tier1001 L.E1500 L.E15 L.E
Fourth Tier1501 L.E20 L.E




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