Bill Payment & Recharge

With Raseedy app you can now pay your mobile, internet, electricity, gas bills, donations and all Aman vendors network with one push of a button anywhere you are. Download the app and enter the relevant data to pay all your utility bills.
You can also use the app to top up your balance
for all mobile networks with ease.

Sevice Cost : Bill fees varies according to the entity & Recharge is free

How to pay your bills & recharge?

1: Open Raseedy app
and enter your pin code

2: Select “Bill Payment & Recharge”

3: Then select the entity

4: Choose between
“Bill Inquiry & Payment” or “Recharge”

5: Enter the required information,
amount then press “Pay”

6: Drag the arrow to the right to
proceed with the payment

7: Enter your pin code
one more time to confirm

Bills List

Airtime and MNO
Internet bill service
Electricity, Water, and Gas

Recharge your balance
without paying any additional fees

Download Raseedy App & recharge your line & pay your bills anywhere, anytime!

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