About Cash In/Out

Raseedy app offers you a prepaid mobile smart wallet to use for easy cashless and cardless payments. You can deposit and withdraw money to your Raseedy wallet using several methods:

Aman Network
You can now deposit & withdraw money from any of Aman’s 70,000 points of sale and 250 branches in all governorates of Egypt.

Open Raseedy app, go to deposit & withdraw, select ATM, enter the amount you would like to deposit / withdraw, get password, go to ATM, select cardless services, select mobile wallet, enter your telephone number, desired amount, password and press confirm, pay or receive the desired amount.

Sevice Cost : Deposit: Free / Withdraw: 1,5%

How to withdraw from an ATM?

1: Enter your pin code

2: Go to "Cash In/Out"

3: Select “Cash Out"

4: Enter the amount you would like to
withdraw and press "Generate OTP"

5: Drag the arrow right to
proceed with the transfer

6: Enter your pin code one more
time to confirm
On the ATM screen: Select card-less services,
then mobile wallet, Select "Withdrawl", enter
your telephone number, password (OTP),
desired amount and press confirm,  receive
the desired amount

How to deposit through an ATM?


On ATM screen, select "Card-less Servcies"


Select "Mobile Wallet"


Select "Deposit"


Enter your mobile number


Enter your Raseedy PIN code


Enter the desired amount & confirm


You will recieve a confirmation message